Memphis Buckeyes – we need you!

Dear Fellow Buckeyes, 

My name is Paul Malanga, and I am a 1997 graduate of The Ohio State College of Education and current President of the Ohio State Alumni Club of Memphis. 

I write today to share this update: our alumni club needs new ideas, energy and leadership. Will it be you?

We do so much as a club, including game watches on football Saturdays and involvement in volunteer programs, such as the Adopt-a-School program, which collects school supplies for a low-income elementary school. Additionally, our club has two volunteer objectives: 1) participating in the Adopt-a Highway program to clean up a section of a highway and 2) partnering with the Wolf River Conservancy protecting lands along the Wolf River as a public natural resource for sustainable recreation, education and maintaining a natural wildlife corridor. 

Another goal for the club is awarding scholarships to local Memphis students for their freshman year. These scholarships are funded by annual dues, raffles at game watches and monetary awards from The Ohio State University Alumni Association for club achievements throughout the year. Currently, we have sufficient funds to continue this important program. 

Our club took a big hit due to the pandemic, and we have struggled to rebound. Members of our current committee have generously served over a decade. The time is approaching for new leaders to take the helm and advance the mission of the Memphis Club. Simply stated, the future of the club is in jeopardy if we are unable to recruit more volunteers to serve as officers and committee members. 

The Ohio State Alumni Club requirements cannot be met without new leadership stepping forward. It is my sincere hope that there is enough interest to restore our club’s vitality and allow the Memphis Club to continue paying it forward.

Please respond by the week of June 17, 2024 via email or call or text me at 605-376-3334 to discuss your interest. Thank you for considering this opportunity to make an impact with your leadership!

Buckeye warm regards,
Paul Malanga